Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty sure it's a boy!

So I had convinced myself that this baby was going to be a girl. I didn't physically feel different (that I can remember) so there was no reason to think that it would be a girl and I wasn't putting in any orders and wishes for one so I have no clue why I was so certain that it would be a girl. To my surprise and delight the ultrasound at 14weeks saw some boy parts and I'm am happy as a clam. With my other boys I had the strong feeling that they were both boys, when we had the ultrasound it was as I had thought; this time around it caught me by pleasant surprise. As Michael responded "Yay for weiners!" and I couldn't agree more. The hard part about having another boy is naming them, Michael and I aren't quite ready to play the make a list and veto game yet. All suggestions welcome, Thomas' vote is for Buck (it's not in the running).  In other news Nixon turned 1! He is such a big boy and his personality is very playful and fun, not yet mischevious but he is cheeky. He also loves shrugging his shoulders, batting his lashes and flirting with girls. Thomas is finishing up his first year of preschool and is very percocious and observant. He's smart like his dad not to mention very loving and tender. I love all of my boys, they're so much fun and I'm super excited we're adding another to the mix.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I love reading other peoples blogs. I regularly follow several blogs and the authors are complete strangers. My sister-in-law Amanda calls this "blogstalking". I feel like I've been given a journal of these amazing and inspirational women. They are beautiful poets, hysterical comedians and for me wonderful role models. I get such detailed insights into their hardships and I am thankful. Thankful for Michael, my sweet and healthy boys, family, friends. I've recently been grateful for my dirty tub because that means I have a tub to get dirty. I am thankful.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here's to annual updates on my blog! Michael just started a blog so I'd better get with it so we can have blog-offs. Since my last post we've moved and had a baby boy, Nixon Scott Winn. He's very sweet and makes awesome faces. Michael's still at Xango and still working on school. I'm going to take a run at working but I'm not very excited about it. I love our new home out at The Ranches and after two months I feel somewhat settled. Thomas has been adjusting really well to the move and having to share my attention with Nixon. He's extremely smart. He just read his first book last week, "Fat Cat, Fat Rat". I'm aloud to brag here right? My boys are handsome, smart, and I have the best husband ever!
Life's Good.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a year! (already)

This year has already been very eventful. January's are always eventful for the Farrer's because of all of our birthdays. Not to mention we're all still trying to recoup after the holidays. February, we had a pleasant surprise and found out my brother and his wife are expecting child #3(their youngest is almost 7!), Tim and Lara finally got married. Michael's car completely died so we're down to one car. I know people do it all the time but my days are way too long if Thomas and I are stuck at the studio. We're thinking of getting a motorcycle for the summer. Yikes! March was busy with preparing for the four day boutique we had for our watches. And down to April, the midwives at my work have been running blood tests for my thyroid and other stuff for over a year now. Every test I take comes back abnormal, I finally told Michael that I'm not doing anymore tests because then I don't have to know if some thing's wrong. Thomas was sick for a good 8-10 weeks and had two sets of antibiotics. He had step and a massive ear infection. I finally took him back to the doctor because he was being really naughty and he only acts that way when he's really sick. Well, they said he was fine so I sat Thomas down and told him I knew he wasn't sick and that he needed to behave or we were going to start cracking down on discipline. His behavior changed overnight. Since then he's been my little buddy. Our weather has been a big tease, really warm and then freezing cold and windy. It was sunny yesterday so I got my pots planted, dirt and flowers are my best antidepressant. Michael and I have also been hiking a bit. Thomas is so cute in the pack. He loves finding water and throwing rocks in. We have a trip planned at the end of May to go to Yellowstone, I am super excited! It's been a long time since our last vacation. It's all over the place and scattered but it's an update.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thomas' says the darndest things!

Thomas has been saying the funniest stuff. I'm trying to write them all down but they happen all of the time. I went to the AF distribution center, which is right by the Mt. Timpanogos temple, I unrolled Thomas' window and he started yelling "I wuv you TEMPLE!" over and over. Another funny, Thomas was pulling attitude with me and Michael told him (jokingly) "You talk nice to mommy or I'll spank your butt." Thomas yelled back "No dad, no spank my butt, I go poop on the toilet!" I don't know where it came from but again I laughed really hard.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

New to blogging

I wanted to read Becca and Amanda's blogs so I had to sign up. I just got hooked on myspace, it's like crack I can't get enough. I wish that I had something interesting to write. We're just getting ready for Christmas. Mikey and I just had our 3 year anniversay. We went up to the Anniversary Inn in Logan. It was a nice getaway. Thomas is two! He's getting huge and starting to talk a lot. He's been an easy kid for the most part. He eats, sleeps, and poops well, and on time. Michael just finished his last class that he has to attend and he's wrapping up his other 2 classes and then he's done! I've been super busy the last 2 months with watches. It's been a good business for my mom and me. I'm still working as a medical assistant one day a week but Thomas keeps me busy. Well Merry Christmas!